The thought of an imminent apocalypse didn’t occur to anyone, anywhere.

There was no alarm when our great world leaders jumped at the chance to exploit creatures of the deep, strange beings that appeared to express a desire to clean up our mess from the world’s oceans. These creatures seemed to want to work with us, but we wanted more, and we wanted it quickly. There was anger in certain quarters, but no alarm. To those in charge of us it was an opportunity.

Jack Lee had seen these creatures in action before, and he had been trying to put his horrific memories of them to the back of his mind for over twenty years. Sarah listened to his warnings, but no one else would after all those years. That activity was buried in the basements of high office.

And when events quickly escalated, solutions were always possible weren’t they. We could fix anything if we put our minds to it. We’d done it before.

This runaway train wasn’t for stopping though. In time the race to save what could be saved of humanity was on, and woe betide anyone who didn’t have a pass to leave behind the disaster that had once been our beautiful home.


I’ll be brief. The most recent thing I posted in the blog section may be of interest to some. It concerns my decision to quit the booze, coming up to two years ago. 

While not deliberately trying to jump on the ‘men’s health’ bandwagon, I do think it’s worth writing about. And I believe it’s a story in itself.

There’s no real theme to the other posts up there. They’re just snippets of what’s on my mind at any given moment. I may expand on the drinking theme or maybe take a sideways glance at the coffee shops of Oxfordshire. As you can see from my dopey gurning in the photo, polite cafe society appears to be where I’m currently at. I’ll obviously try and keep it acerbic. such as offering suggestions on how you may want to pass the time if you’re stuck behind someone in a Costa queue who’s just ordered toast. Have a baby…learn a foreign language…that kind of thing.

And thank you Tony for your kind words in the blog’s comments section. Please feel free one and all. It lets me know if I’m onto something.

Speak soon. I haven’t been brief have I.


Mr Booze

I’m sure it was Pierce Brosnan who said that getting drunk was a marvelous way to spend time. And it is…well it was. For me

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The Queue

Friday 16th September 2022 I read in the paper on the day of the Queen’s funeral that the last lady allowed into the Palace of

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North by Northwest

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock If I had it in mind to make a movie, there are certain key components I’d need, aside from cameramen, key

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The Cost of Living Crisis

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Kraftwerk 3D

All Points East Saturday 20th August 2022 Should have done this before the Nick Cave one really. Ah well…probably doesn’t matter. It feels like Kraftwerk

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Radical Action

So, how do you deal with a violent and aggressive cult of over a thousand troubled souls, camped-out in a politically sensitive neighbourhood in the Middle East? Oh yes, and whose membership appears to be multi-national and led by a native of the USA?

How indeed?

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